Monday, 18 April 2011

YouTube subscription picks

Here are a few of my favourite YouTube users which I recommend you subscribe to. Too many people still don't take advantage of YouTube fully, choosing instead to browse the site randomly, Wikipedia-journey-esque; or going via most viewed or viral websites. - this person uploads highlights of classic international and European football. Great stuff.

Jake and Amir - two funny lads from the College Humor franchise. These two-minute sketches are very funny.

Raocow - this guy tones down the curse words to be child-friendly and plays mostly Super Mario hacks. He's mad but just lovely.

discosean21 - a lovely man who sadly lost a child in its infancy but still has a wonderfully positive outlook on life. Here he is documenting the birth of his latest child:

AtheneWins - the cockiest gamer in history. Out-cocking Charlie Sheen years earlier, this guy is a lesson in how self-belief can help us all to better ourselves. Here is one of his many rants:

vahchef - a great chef from India who can show you how to make all the famous Indian dishes and also his take on some classic meals from around the world.

schmoyoho - musicians who take mostly viral videos or major US news items and turn them into songs. most famous for this:

BBQ Pit Boys - these lads are probably racist republicans but they make a mean grill. They know that the true flavour from barbequeing meat is derived through smoking the meat slowly over indirect heat.

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