Monday, 24 August 2009

Facebook part II

Dedicated to those that told me to blog again - Quarkus, Jay-D, El Bean and The Short Age.

Yesteryear, Facebook was about adding friends you hadn't spoken to in years, having a short message rally and then keeping them as a friend despite never speaking to them again. But times are a rearrangin', and here's what you need to do to keep up.

Out with the old and in with the selected new: it's time to delete some of those old primary-school friends that you will never speak to again. No need for them to see photos of you getting mashed at a festival on 6 different types of drugs. Try deleting 20 friends, then delete 20 more. And don't add people willy-silly nilly. You never know when some goofoid will realise that you live in Berlin and they always wanted to go there and they want to see you and you never get any peace for the whole summer. In fact, delete info on where you live so this doesn't happen anymore.

Utterly incriminating photos of your friends smoking joints or worse should not be put online; the internet never forgets.

Also, tag moderately. Choose a complementing photo. Tagging is also important as it allows friends of tagged people to see the photos, too.

Resist using exlamation marks in messages, despite what some say about a message coming across as serious when it's only meant to be banter. People should know you well enough to tell if you are joking or not - if they don't, remove them.

Send emails to individuals using proper email accounts and not on Facebook. This saves clicks, i.e. reading the message in your regular email account and then having to click on a link in order to reply to the message on Facebook. Threads, however, are great on Facebook

Everytime you write an update it will appear on all of your friends' startpage. So don't write utterly boring yesterday's wank-rag about how hungover you are, or how much you're lookin 4ward2 da wkend lol. Do post stuff like this because it's good and we should encourage people to create more - thank you all: