Friday, 4 September 2009

How to get ahead as a flight controller

For Quarkus, the introducer, Mari, the one that made the dream a reality, and Bean, the Padawan by proxy.

Flight Control on the iPod Touch/iPhone is the best game to make use of the touch pad, and the gameplay - requiring a balance of concentration, consistency, crowd management, cool-as-ice nerves and cockiness - is up there with Tetris and 1-player Pro Evo. But what can you do to get a score beyond your initial comprehension (on airfield one)?

Use the optimum playing position: find a steady surface on a static object; ensure that your body won't get sore or uncomfortable from playing for more than 10 minutes; and have all around you know the importance of what you're doing.

Common rules of flight don't apply. The aircraft can perform sharp turns any which way you choose. This is essential for speed and guaging how far a plane is from the runway in comparison to other aircraft. Also, each of the four type of aircraft come from four possible places on the edge of the screen, meaning that if you learn all 16 possibilities you are prepared before they enter the air space. And they all fly towards the middle.

Keep your cool when things get busy. Get the big jets in first and the others will follow. Try to learn the most common and successful flight paths and avoid flying along the edge of the screen unless absolutely necessary.

Now, O F F with you.