Thursday, 4 September 2008

Take off your shitting shoes, you shit

For Squeaky. I hate so many of the things he chooses to be, yet I still love the bastard. He must be doing something right.

When you come into my house, you take off your shoes. I have no problem telling some jumped-up little prick to remove his grubby little fashion-flops, regardless of whether I've met the bastard or not.

What bothers me is that some cunts don't take it as given that they should take off their shoes. Shoes are for wearing outdoors. They protect your feet from the cold and cushion your soles. They also give domesticated man the chance to distinguish between home and outside, or private and public space.

To wear shoes in someone's house - friend or stranger - is beyond insulting. Shoes, which step in shit, piss, mould, cum, gum, fags, dirty bags and all kinds of dirty slag, scum, opposite-of-fun shite and the like, should not enter the clean homes of individuals. I'm so embarrassed to come from a country where taking your shoes off when you enter someone's house is not the norm. I believe it's the same in the US, too.

Plus, it's comfortable for both the guest and host if the cunting guest takes his shoes off. It shows that the host has welcomed the guest into his home, and that the guest doesn't have a I'm-just-stopping-off attitude to being in the host's house.