Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Olympics, terrorists and Kekswichsen

For the Bad Boys on Tuesdays and the Expats vs. Germans on Wednesdays.

When a sport's greatest obtainable achievement is an olympic gold it should be an olympic event. If there is another tournament or trophy which is considered a better of harder achievement in a certain sport then that sport should not be an olympic event. For example, sports like football and tennis have more revered trophies - the FIFA World Cup, Roland Garros, Wimbledon etc. - whereas the 100m sprint does not. Simple.

All women's world records are void. The terminology should be changed to "women's record". I am for sexual equality but I cannot help but feel that the fastest person in the world holds the world record, and if that happens to be a man then so be it. Only one person can have a world record, never two.

Now what the Flec were Flec (Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda) thinking when they shot at the Togan national team's coaches? The world, and especially Africans, love football. Utterly love it to fuck. Footballers should be untouchable like "made" men in the mafia or cops. No one will feel any empathy for them, unlike them lads responsible for 9/11, the 'RA or Hamas.

Keep thinking about Kekswichsen/soggy biscuit, do I. I love both words and the idea of the game. I would never play it myself, unless it was for a large sum of money, but it nevertheless fascinates me. So much so that I once tried to write a screenplay for a short film about three lads that play soggy biscuit to respect the dying wishes of their terminally ill friend. The best comment below gets an exclusive look at said draft. This is good: