Friday, 23 July 2010

Words or phrases you should know but probably maybe do not

Dedicated to my male friends, for which no topic is too taboo.

You bet! - When you see a girl who is fine mm mm tastalicious you can say this. A shortening of "you bet I would". Subtler alternatives include "Mathew Kelly!" the host of UK TV-show "You Bet!" from 1991-95, and, when in Germany, "wetten dass!" from the Fatherland's very own version which is still going strong "Wetten dass..?" and "Thomas Gottschalk!", its presenter.

Camel tail - like a cameltoe but for men.

Tribbing - two ladies scissoring each other.

Perineum - the bit between the arse and male or female sex-piece. Slang terms for male perineae include "barse" and "banus", apparently. I guess you could therefore have "varse" and "vanus" for women.

Split-arse - a woman. A bit vulgar this one, but the etymology of the phrase is if you imagine an arse being split in two, creating two arses, one of which evolves into a vagina. Oh dear.

Fingerbang/fingerpop - to finger a hole, normally sexual but I used it recently to describe putting my fingers down my throat to make myself vomit.


Anonymous said...

This could be something for you

Though on second thoughts, may be not, I think you basically know everything there is to know about sex. But it might amuse you anyway.

Käsetorte said...

Mainland Europe will be just as bad as England soon. I do know lots about sex, true. (Un)fortunately most of my knowledge comes from watching skin-flicks.

Anonymous said...

Should have included 'skin flicks' in your glossary. Or may be not, I probably don't wanna know. I kind of like my continental naivety.

Anonymous said...

Another synonym for perineum is the scruttocks